Leaptronix SU-56 Universal & Gang Programmer

Leaptronix SU-56 Universal & Gang Programmer

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The SU-56 programmer can achieve a variety of flexible combinations of performance. It can provide fast and effective countermeasures for the increasingly complex programming needs. Regardless of the various aspects of IC type, packaging, capacity, speed, etc. There is always a ideal solution for user. \n \nFEATURES \n• EEPROM, SPI NAND/NOR Flash, Paralle NAND/NOR Flash, eMMC/eMCP, MCU, PIC, CPLD, FPGA... \n• Architected for multi-tasking module function, it can quickly assemble a suitable programming project. \n• One computer can connect multiple SU-56 in series. From R&D, trial production to mass production, a programmer with multiple functions is extraordinary value. \n• Universal type of architecture can demonstrate dedicated type of performance. \n• Supports a large number of IC brands, part numbers and packages. \n• Supports programming of 1.8V low-voltage components, and the module can be replaced to support 1.2V. \n• Supports HDCP programming function. \n• Offers optional projects to develop programming or testing software for special components. \n• Provides complete programming records to facilitate production management.