GW-INSTEK GPT-9903A Electrical Safety Tester (Hi-Pot Tester)

GW-INSTEK GPT-9903A Electrical Safety Tester (Hi-Pot Tester)

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AC 500VA AC/DC Withstanding Voltage/Insulation Resistance Tester

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\nGPT-9900 Series Electrical Safety Tester\nGPT-9901A AC 500VA AC\nGPT-9902A AC 500VA AC/DC\nGPT-9903A AC 500VA AC/DC/IR\nGPT-9904 AC 500VA AC/DC/IR/GB\n\nFEATURES\n• 500VA AC Test Capacity\n• Short Current > 200mA\n• 240x64 Ice Blue Dot matrix LCD\n• Sweep Function for DUT characteristic analysis\n• Insulation resistance measurement up to 50GΩ(GPT-9903A/9904)\n• Manual/Auto Mode\n• Function Key for quick selection\n• High intensity flash for caution & Status indication\n• Safety INTERLOCK function\n• Zero Crossing Turn-on Operation\n• Controllable Ramp-up Time\n• RMS Current Measurement\n• High resolution: 1uA for measuring current, 2V for setting voltage\n• PWM amplifier to enhance the power efficiency and reliable testing\n• Max. 100 memory block for test condition (step) setting. And each step can be named individually.\n• Remote terminal on the front panel for ''start'' and ''stop'' control\n• Rear panel output available\nI• nterface : RS-232C, USB device, Signal I/O and GPIB (optional)\n